The William McKinley Institute is open to publishing articles from members of the public. If you have a story you believe would be in the public’s interest and would contribute to the knowledge of anti-White extremism or terrorism, please read our guidelines below before submitting your work.


  • All claims made must be carefully cited with links provided to online material. All sources should be archived at or before submission. All citations to anti-White extremist websites and Judeo-Capitalist media must be archive links. 
  • Use original sources. Track down original video or photographic evidence. Do not submit links to mirrored content.
  • Your submission must be journalistic and of interest to the public. We do not publish DOX’s or work designed to harass individuals. Do not add unnecessary personal information such as telephone numbers or home addresses. Do not recommend people contact an individual’s employer.
  • Topics may include, but are not limited to: your personal experience as a target of anti-White terrorism; your experience as a reformed member of an anti-White terrorist group; an event involving anti-White terrorism; articles about an anti-White extremists or terrorists who may be a threat to the public; a profile of an anti-White terrorist or extremist group. If you have any questions about the topic of your article, please contact us.
  • We do not publish articles about minority-on-White violence unless the attacker’s motives can demonstrably be shown to be that of anti-White animus. 
  • Use good linguistic praxis. Do not reify anti-White language and terminology.
  • Capitalize the word White when in reference to European people.
  • Ensure to properly distinguish between anti-White extremists and anti-White terrorists. The former are those who hold anti-White political opinions that scapegoat, defame, seek to disempower, or replace European people or culture, whereas the latter are those willing to use violence and intimidation to forward these anti-White extremist agendas.
  • All submissions are subject to editorial changes prior to publishing.


Please label the the title of your email “Article Submission” and send it to


wmkiweb @ proton mail . com