Our strong European values guide us in our mission to bring about a more perfect world. These values are at odds with the Jewish values that dominate our civilization today, infecting every institution with perversion, degeneracy, confusion and chaos. If we are to survive the convergence of catastrophes plaguing our world, it will only be because of a revival of these values.


  1. We believe in always speaking the truth, which is the highest form of good. Such truths of which we aim to speak have always sounded like “hate” to tyrants because there is no greater threat to their illegitimate regimes than exposure of the lies they were built on. Understanding this, we will continue to speak truth regardless of the social and political consequences. This establishes credibility to the quality of our research and reporting.
  2. We acknowledge that we have a duty to serve our community. Our project is a living testimony of our service to European people, with which we share an identity rooted in antiquity. We will not be intimidated or seduced away from our service with violence, slander, harassment, imprisonment, gifts or promises of an easy life. We have chosen the hero’s path.
  3. We believe in the establishment of a strong community. No state can long exist without its people sharing a commonality. Where there is none, civility does not exist, only indifference and alienation that leads to corruption and chaos. This is why we fight the anti-White extremism promoted by Jews and their allies.
  4. We seek perfection in everything that we do. This extends to all our endeavors, including the monitoring and reporting of anti-White extremists. We will leave no stone unturned in our quest to expose all those involved with the project of White genocide.
  5. Our quest for excellence cannot be accomplished alone. It will require the unity of our people in a way once believed unimaginable. This is why we work with others in our research and undercover work. United we stand, divided we fall.
  6. Progress is the continuity of action by all those inspired by their initiators.  While ambitious, our mission to end anti-White extremism will be successful if we continue to build upon that which has been laid out before us by those who first fought the great golem conjured against us. Our ancestors did not rise to such great heights only for us to throw away all that which they had built out of foolishness, apathy, greed or cowardice. In this journey together toward Godhood we are dedicated to building our people’s understanding of those who seek entropy.
  7. We bring honor to ourselves, our ancestors, and our descendants in all these things. May our actions echo in eternity and our descendants inherit the Cosmos.