If you are a lawyer or paralegal and would like to be added to our list of contacts, we are always looking for help. This could include the following…


  • Advice when filing FOIA’s. Already we have had a number of FOIA’s rejected based on what we believe are dubious grounds.
  • Suing municipalities illegally withholding information from the public under state or federal FOIA law.
  • Obtaining hard to get court filings and government documents. Many counties require in-person requests for government documents. We are simply unable to travel around the country to obtain such information. Pulling court cases and other documents that cannot be obtained online would be incredibly valuable.  
  • Research that may require special knowledge of the legal system. You are far more capable of maneuvering your state and local government’s unique legal system than we ever will be and would not only save us valuable time but also increase the likelihood of obtaining the documents we are looking for.
  • Any other possible ways you believe you can help.   


If you are willing to donate your time and knowledge to such cases, we would absolutely love to work with you. Please label the the title of your email “Legal Professionals” and send it to


wmkiweb @ protonmail . com