An acronym for All Cops Are Bastards.

Activism Tourist 

A derogatory term used to describe an individual who will travel to a distant place for a protest only to leave after it is over, effecting no real change in the community.

Affinity Groups

A small, high trust group of activists who make collective decisions at rallies through direct democracy, usually consisting of half a dozen people.


An alternative, anarchist vision, of globalization opposed to international corporations and states. This alternative vision of globalization promotes open borders and the abolishment of the world’s governments.


Signifies both comradery, or “ami”  which signifies friendship in French, and the negation of the hierarchical norms of militant organization in exchange for equality of command making decisions through direct democracy, signified by the prefix “a-.”


An anarchist who actively engages in violence and intimidation to achieve an anti-state.

Anarchist Violent Extremist (AVE)

The federal government’s designation for anarcho-terrorists. An anarchist who believes violence and other illicit activity are a morally justified means.


A term popularized in the 2000’s during the “Battle of Seattle” that has since fallen out of favor among anarcho-communists due to its current adoption by nationalists. Originally, the term was used to describe their resistance to multinational corporations, not open borders style globalization as is the case today.

Anti-Government or Anti-Authority Violent Extremists (AGAAVEs)

A broad designation by the United States federal government to describe groups opposed to the current regime or those opposed to government or authority specifically. According to the 2021 FBI Strategic Intelligence Assessment and Data on Terrorism, this broad definition includes Anarchist Violent Extremists (AVEs).


Anti-Whitism refers to prejudice and/or discrimination against European people as individuals and as a group. Anti-Whitism is based on stereotypes and myths that target Whites as a people, their social practices and beliefs, and their nation-states.


Italian Marxists, frustrated with Communist party’s moderate leadership after World War II, developed a ground up tactical approach to waging revolution through autonomous action. The term would later gain traction among members of the German anarcho-terrorist movement.


The name given the Southwestern states by Amerindian irredentists seeking to establish an ethnostate.  

Black Bloc

A mobbing tactic where participants wear all black in an attempt to blend in with the mob and evade arrest for criminal acts of vandalism or violence towards political opponents.

Black Identity Extremist (BIE)

A designation by the United States federal government used to describe those that “use force or violence in violation of criminal law in response to perceived racism and injustice in American society.”


A political group that has publicly convened for the purpose of advocating a cause.

Bloc Up

To dress in all black and prepare for terrorist acts with others in the Black Bloc.

Bodies on the Line

To risk physical safety by violently confronting anti-anarchists in an attempt to deplatform them.

By Any Means Necessary

The willingness to accomplish one’s goals using every tactic available, including violence.


An anarcho-terrorist symbol that represents anarchy. The symbol is represented by the letter “Ⓐ” for anarchy, with a circle around it. Often used in targeted property attacks.


An anti-White slur used to justify the disempowerment and ethnic cleansing of White people.


Any attempt to free an individual from police custody. Aiding and abetting a fugitive.


A euphamism to describe the process of the ethnic cleansing of European symbols, language, and people.


To silence a political opponent on any communications platform. This can include anything from denial of service social media and websites to shutting down public events through the use of intimidation and violence.

Direct Action

Any form of physical confrontation, both violent and non-violent, to thwart an opponent. during the planning and execution of Black Bloc terrorism, but also as a moral justification of it.

Direct Democracy

An anarchic concept of democracy that excludes representational government in exchange for collective decision making through consensus in a particular time and place among those present. This practice is not only used during the planning and execution of Black Bloc terrorism, but also as a moral justification of it.

Diversity of Tactics

The acceptance of a range of tactics, both violent and non-violent, to be used in concert to achieve one’s political ends.

Fluffy vs. Spiky

An English-speaking phrase used to characterize the debate between passivist activism and violent direct action.

Fuck 12

A common slogan amongst anarcho-terrorists directed at police. It is the equivalent of saying “fuck the police,” though it’s origins are a specific reference to narcotics enforcement.


A meeting place to obtain and distribute information in the form of pamphlets, books, cd’s, DVD’s, and speakers.

Leadership of the Oppressed

Deferring leadership to those believed to be at the top of the oppression hierarchy.


According to libcom.org, “manarchy” is, “Aggressive, competitive behavior within the anarchist movement that is frighteningly reminiscent of historically oppressive male gender roles.”


A genocidal, anti-White hate slur. Those labeled as such are viewed as justifiable targets for violence.

New AfriKa

A Black ethnostate established in the South following the disillusion of the United States that would include Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi.

¡No Pasarán!

A Spanish anarchist slogan first popularized in Spain that translates as “They shall not pass!.” It is a call to stop political opponents, usually at events, by any means necessary.

No Platform

To silence a political opponent on any communications platform. This can include anything from denial of service social media and websites to shutting down public events through the use of intimidation and violence.

Noise Demo(nstration)

An activist technique where participants make as much noise as possible. This can include banging on drums or pots, whistles, fireworks, air horns, or shouting to silence opposition from being heard or to let one’s presence be known.

Peace Police

A derogatory term militant anarcho-terrorists use to describe protesters who attempt to stop them from being violent and destructive at rallies.


A portmanteau of the words “plant” and “antifa” that signify an environmentalist spinoff of anti-White extremism. 

Points of Unity

Points of agreement that an ideologically heterogenous coalition can unify around.

Propaganda of the Deed

The violent targeting of objects or people, that are considered symbols or icons, for the psychological effects such attacks have on those who witness them.

Radical (Revolutionary) Justice

Violence utilized against one’s political opponents viewed as morally justifiable.


A radical liberal who, as opposed to anarcho-communists, accepts representational government, but is willing to use violence with anarcho-communists against those perceived as a threat to liberal social norms and values.


Individual’s, typically liberals, who seek to reform existing institutions, as opposed completely abolishing them. This term is typically used as a pejorative.

Riot Porn

Slang used to describe film, often edited into compilations, of violent Black Bloc riots. At least one author has claimed the term problematic, and recommended alternatives such as “riot theatre” or “riot choreography.”


False accusations against a person or group that fulfills the purpose of redirecting public attention away from the real cause of a social or political problem.

Stochastic Terrorism

Widespread demonization of a person or group resulting in the incitement of a violent act, which is statistically probable but whose specifics cannot be predicted.

Summit Hopping

A sort of militant tourism, similar to activism tourism, to describe the problematic aspects of ritualized rioting at major events, such as the G8.


A Communist of the Stalinist faction who unapologetically defends the Soviet Union.

Targeted Property Damage

Property or personnel specifically chosen for destruction or violence based on ownership or ideology, as opposed to random attacks during a Black Bloc terrorist operation.

Temporary Autonomous Zones or TAZ

A geographical space that has been temporarily occupied or “liberated” by anarchists and deemed autonomous, particularly from the state.

The Anti-White Hypothesis

The belief that there can be no all White spaces.

The Black Bloc Specter

Defined by Francis Dupuis-Déri in Who’s Afraid of the Black Blocs? as a phenomenon where “demonstrators dressed in black who join the black bloc but slip away at the first sign of trouble.”

White Privilege

An anti-White conspiracy theory that that denigrates European accomplishments and inspires hatred and violence towards people of European heritage.

White Supremacist

An individual who believes that White culture is worth protecting and preserving.


Handmade magazines commonly bought and shared amongst anarchist and communists.