On Saturday, anti-White extremists descended upon Peachtree Fountains Plaza following the death of their comrade, Manuel Esteban Paez Teran (aka Tortugita or “Tort”), last week by law enforcement. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation claimed that Teran had shot a police officer when state troopers were clearing the land of activists. Scenes from the Atlanta Forest, a blog involved with the campaign to stop the police training facility from being built, called for retaliation against law enforcement. Another blog, Defend the Atlanta Forest, then called for their supporters to “wear black in mourning” and meet at Atlanta Underground at 5pm on January 21.


A WMKI photographer was on scene to document the event. Numerous anti-White organizations were identified attending the event included Atlanta Revolutionary Medics, Atlanta Solidarity Fund, Refuse Fascism, Party for Socialism & LiberationCop Watch of East Atlanta, and the National Lawyer’s Guild (NLG). Below, are photos of individuals who met in the plaza before the march through downtown, as well as a few photos of the damage caused by rioters and items left behind. 


The William McKinley Institute (WMKI) received the following photos through an anonymous media submission and are posting them as part of our photo journalism series of anti-White extremists. For permission to repost media content published by WMKI, please see our republishing guidelines page. To submit original media content to WMKI please follow the instructions on our Content Submissions page.