Seven years ago on June 26, 2016, over three hundred anti-White “antifa” terrorists descended upon thirty pro-White demonstrators at the California state capital building in Sacramento, California. The attack became known as the “Battle of Sacramento” as the victims fought off their attackers with great force. The William McKinley Institute (WMKI) previously acquired and published California Highway Patrol’s (CHP) helicopter footage of the attack. Following the horrifying incident, CHP wrote a 2,000 page report detailing the names and actions of those involved and recommending charges for the anti-White terrorists. The report acknowledges that the attackers were motivated by anti-White racial hatred and publicly planned the attack weeks prior to the event. Below, we have published the majority of the report, while removing only sections where details of the victims are listed. 


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Below are lists of individuals and organizations mentioned in the above report.



Adam Mitchell Spangler

Adrienne Nichole Ramirez

Alexander Franklin Lenc

Alice Eleanor Summers

Alison L. Sharp

Alyssa De La Rosa

AnaMaria Ragland

Andrea Melissa Combs

Andrea Cecilia Manrique

Angela Marie Apodaca

Anthony Gabriel Velasquez

Anthony Frank Martello

Benjamin Evan Hashimi-Briskin

Benjamin James Lynch

Brandon Keith Buchanan

Brian Wayne Buckmaster

Carly Erin Brannin

Cedric Dwayne O’Bannon

Chandra Lynne Zafra

Chanel Lasef Darjean

Chase Hendrick

Christian Alexis Aguilar

Christina Marie Mitchell

Christine Denise McShane

Christopher Brian Geary

Christopher David Swart

Connor Thomas Gorman

Daniel Becker

Danny Nam Rosales Barrita

David Lewis Andre

David Wayne Buehrle

David F. M. Jackson

David Joseph Roddy

Elaine Karen Nye

Emily Page Breuninger

Emma Mae Walsh

Erika Ranee Galera

Estevan Rene Hernandez

Fatima Garcia

Forrest Michael Schmidt

Gabriel Curtis Gipe

Ian Tomas Bechler

Ivan Georgiyevich Ignatesko

Ivan Noe Pulido

James Lee Clark

Jamier Lamont Sale

Jennifer Wong

John Raymond Hershey III

John Patrick Murray

Joshua Brandon Trenter

Justin Philip Ulinger

Kevin Edward Boltz

Kevin Flores

Kevin Robles

Kevin C. Tillman

Kimi Lukia Parker

Laura Lynn Dominguez

Laurie Ann Blazich

Leindy Llosio Dominguez

Leslie Ayn Leyba

Linda Ellen Roberts

Lisa Gutierrez Guzman

Mackenzie Elizabeth Wilson

Madeline Aymann Woo

Maeryn Pelling Biorionnach

Manuel Chavez III

Maricruz Lopez

Melody Christine Yee

Michael Allen Williams

Michael Robert Yee

Nancy Reiko Kato

Nasan Matthew Snell

Nathan Thomas Cline

Nathan Sabastian Van Dyke

Naui Ocelotl Huitzilopochtli

Naycor Valenzuela

Nicholas Denzil McClung

Nicole Rae Schop

Nigel Nedal Mohammad Rayyan

Nyree Janee Hall

Parisa Jean Esfahani

Porfirio Gabriel Paz

Raymond Stephan Lee

Reyes Kristopher Meraz

Ricardo Barreto

Rodolfo Ruiz

Ronnie Darrel Guice

Rudy Anthony Martinez

Sarah Patricia Foley

Shanna Lee Rayyan

Shawn Ray Moore

Sidney Leah Gordon

Steven Ryan Blevins

Teresa Louise Sale

Vincent V. White Jr.

Yeimi Irais Lopez

Yvonne C. Felarca