Alexander Stokes Contompasis, an anti-White Jewish extremist with a long history of political violence, was sentenced to twenty years in prison on Thursday after he was convicted last month by a jury of stabbing several political rivals at an event in Albany, New York last year. This judgement, is one of the largest to date of any known anti-White “antifa” terrorist. The William McKinley Institute (WMKI) has been tracking Contompasis for several years now since he was first identified attacking participants at the now infamous 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Since that rally he has continued to wage violence against his political opponents, including an attack on a deacon during a church service. While a number of articles and blogposts have documented his various acts of violence over the years, none have told his full story till now.


During the 2017  inauguration of president Donald J. Trump, a number of anti-White extremists from anarchist and communist organizations openly conspired to launch a coup against the newly elected president. While some groups blocked access to various roads, others formed a black bloc and stormed through the streets vandalizing businesses and attacking bystanders. In order to gain control of the situation, law enforcement arrested everyone traveling with the bloc. Among those arrested was Contompasis, who claimed he was there operating in a journalistic capacity for his public access show, News World: Albany Banana Corps.

Speaking with The Press Connection, Contompasis claimed that he had identified himself as a journalist to law enforcement who arrested him anyways. Once out of jail he said that he “Googled Antifa because I had never heard of it then realized I had become a subject of the very fascism the Black Bloc were marching against.” The charges against Contompasis were dropped weeks later and he, along with several others, filed a false arrest lawsuit against the District of Columbia. The lawsuit was settled and as a condition of the settlement his criminal record was expunged along with a payout.


Many of the individuals and organizations involved with the failed coup earlier that year would descend upon Charlottesville that summer, such as Refuse Fascism, whose members attacked Unite the Right participants. Contompasis was at the park early the morning of the rally and filmed as both participants and anti-White extremists showed up. As both parties trickled in, a line of anti-White extremists formed on the intersection of 2nd & E. Market Street in an attempt to block the path of Unite the Right participants. As participants attempted to push their way through the human barricade,  they were attacked with weapons and fists.

It was on this intersection, shortly after the initial rioting broke out, that Contompasis was caught from several angles participating in the attacks on UTR participants.  In a now unavailable video by Adam Richard, Contompasis is seen getting in a heated argument with an anti-White extremist who used his hand to block several journalists from filming. In response, the man sticks an extendable baton in front of Contompasis’ cell phone to block his camera. As anti-White extremists shout “any time any place, punch a nazi in the face” Contompasis grabbed the weapon. He appears moments later to have made amends with the anti-White extremist and shakes hands with him.

As Contompasis continued filming, a brawl broke out in front of him between members of the Traditionalist Workers Party and the anti-White extremists. Contompasis, swung on an elderly man who had stepped in to protect one of his friends. Adam Richard, who had been filming the scuffles, was then knocked to the ground by Contompasis whom Richard claimed attempted to kick him in the head before running off.

Elexander Stokes Contompasis (Colorized) punches an elderly man in the back of the head as he and other anti-White extremists attack Unite the Right participants in Charlottesville, VA on August 12, 2017.  | Photographed by Steve Helber, Associated Press

Richard immediately stood up and gave chase to Contompasis who turned around after about 20 feet and began swinging on Richard. The two slugged it out until Richard gained the upper hand, knocking Contompasis to the ground. Richard then backed away from Contompasis as several militiamen and an anti-white extremist helped the stunned Contompasis to his feet. Contompasis, who had filmed the event, left out the altercation in the video he published, but did tape himself shortly after showing off his black eye and claiming to have “punched two Nazis in the face.” Neither Contompasis, nor the  dozens of other violent anti-White extremists, were charged for their crimes. 




Several years later in July of 2020, Contompasis would be filmed joining in on a mob attack against congregants of Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York. The church was being targeted by anti-White extremists for their socially traditional stances. Initially the mob entered the church, and were promptly escorted out of the building. While leaving, one woman could be heard screaming “I’m a Christian preacher you dumb fuck!” The mob screamed at, and frightened one woman’s toddlers as they entered the building. On what appears to have been another occasion, a Black family had to be escorted to the church for their own safety from the anarcho-communist mob who repeatedly harassed and attacked them.

As members of the church stood at the base of the stairs leading up to the building in an attempted to escort in church attendees and keep the howling mob out, the mob began pushing and shoving them. Eventually, the anti-White extremists grabbed one of the men pulling him into the crowd and beat him with their fists. Like the brawl in Charlottesville, Contompasis ran across the street and began swinging on church attendees from behind who were being attacked. He even went on to shove the pastor who ran in to try to stop the mob from beating the man. Months later Contompasis would post a photo of himself posing with a rifle with the caption “I am antifa” superimposed on it. He would also proclaim that…

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10 years ago if you told me I was going to be part of an underground Anarchist network of masked avengers called Antifa, work with Skinheads to fight white supremacists, have the honor of providing security for events organized by the Black Liberation Movement then catch a virus responsible for shutting down the state during a global pandemic I would have absolutely no idea what the fuck you were talking about.


Contompasis’ reign of terror would not stop there, however. Starting the 2021 New Year off with a bang, Contompasis was arrested for stabbing two trump supporters at a “Stop the Steal” rally in his home town of Albany, New York. Contompasis can be seen in video footage following a man who is angrily confronting the pro-Trump protesters. While initially cordial, the pro-Trump protesters attempt to disengage from the irate man, who proceeded to follow them in a threatening manner shouting at them and getting in their face as if he were to attack them at any moment. In response, the Trump supporter being stalked punched the man. It was then that Contompasis, who had been following the situation closely, pulled out his knife and begin wildly stabbing people.  

During the trial Contompasis claimed he had not stabbed anyone and that he was a journalist who was simply engaging in self defense. Upon sentencing, the judge claimed Comtompasis came prepared to commit violence stating that “independent journalists don’t carry knives, this defendant did.” The judge went on to bemoan the loss of civility in America, claiming that within his lifetime there was a time where people could put aside political differences and work together. The judge sentenced Contompasis to 20 years with five years supervision following his release.


In all three documented cases of violence that Contompasis engaged in, from Unite the Right, to Grace Baptist Church, and the Stop the Steal rally in Albany, he exhibited the exact same behavior. In all three events he can be seen drinking a cup of coffee, hanging around just outside of verbal confrontations initiated by anti-White extremists, and then rushing in to attack after a fight has already broken out and piling on the victims. Only when he almost murdered a man was he actually arrested and charged. 


The story of Contompasis is not as unique as one might think, there are hundreds of anti-White extremists across the country who gradually escalate over time as they are not held accountable for the lower level terrorist offenses they commit. Contompasis should be used as an example of why law enforcement ignoring anti-White “antifa” terrorism leads to more serious acts of violence, and why the holding them accountable for more minor acts of assault is imperative to staving off potentially lethal attacks. We hope that this is a sign that the tide is changing and that those operating the legal system are becoming more serious about dealing with anti-White terrorism, but we won’t hold our breath.