On April 18th, three individuals were arrested and charged with misdemeanor stalking and felony intimidation of a police officer after placing flyers on mailboxes in the Cartersville, Georgia neighborhood of officer Jonathan Salcedo. According to The Guardian, the flyers called Salcedo a “murderer” for the shooting death of Manuel Esteban Paez Terán (aka Tortuguita or “Tort”). Terán, who was an immigrant from Venezuela, had been camping on the site of where a new police training facility was being built in south Atlanta and was involved with the “Stop Cop City” anarchist campaign. In response, Terán’s allies organized a riot in downtown Atlanta, torching a police cruiser and smashing out windows of various buildings.


The three arrested on charges of stalking and intimidation were Caroline Hart Tennenbaum, Abeeku Osei Vasall, and Julia Caroline Dupuis. Both Vasall and Dupuis made bail, while Tennenbaum was denied. According to the Atlanta Community Press Collective, an anti-White media outlet for extremists involved with the “Stop Cop City” campaign, “Deputy State Attorney General John Fowler alleged that the individual who was denied bond received several reimbursements from the Forest Defense Fund, an aid fund associated with the Defend the Forest Movement that pays for things like food and supplies for Weeks of Action.” According to an article published earlier this week by the Justice Report, Tennenbaum’s husband Michael Tennenbaum “is currently employed with the U.S. Federal Government as a ‘Senior Data Scientist’ for the Government Accountability Office (GAO).”

Caroline Hart Tennenbaum
Julia Caroline Dupuis
Abeeku Osei Vassall
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During this same May 15th bond hearing, a local White advocate named Michael Weaver was flyering vehicles in the courthouse parking lot. In April of last year, Weaver was cited for passing out educational flyers and told WMKI that he is currently raising funds to fight the case. While Weaver was distributing GDL flyers, several individuals who had arrived at the Bartow County Courthouse to support the anarchist trio began removing the flyers from the vehicles. Weaver began filming and his confrontation of them, calling them out on their censorious efforts during an 18 minute long video of the affair. As Weaver began to point out that his activities were first amendment protected speech, one of the individuals who we have yet to identify told Weaver to “fuck off” and made the false claim that he was committing a “hate crime” by placing pro-White educational materials on vehicles. Several members of group began filming him in return and then continued to walk to the adjacent parking lot to remove more flyers.

Video republished with the permission of Michael Weaver.

The anti-White extremists mocked Weaver over his flyer’s criticism of Jewish power, as one proudly proclaimed they were “anti-capitalists.” The assertion itself is a horrific irony given that the leading capitalists of the American empire such as BlackRock’s Larry Fink, JP Morgan president Jamie Daimond, and financier George Soros, are all Jewish. The capitalist media is also almost entirely Jewish owned. The three largest donors to the transgender-industrial complex are wealthy capitalist Jews who have collectively poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the degenerate, transexual bourgeois psy-op. Without capitalist protection from corporations that fire employees publicly critical of bourgeois perversion and the FBI stalking parents at PTA meetings over criticism of anti-White lesson plans, their movement would not even exist.


These facts reveal the schizophrenic nature of so-called “antifascist anti-capitalism” and explains why the majority of those attracted to it are severely mentally ill. The anti-White movements from BLM to LGBTP to “antifa” have collectively taken in billions of dollars from the very capitalist institutions they claim to be fighting, and have only managed to further empower them by destabilizing unions with diversity and undermining worker’s ability to bargain with employers by flooding the labor market with open borders scab labor. Given that the capitalist regime believes its number one threat is from White advocates, not anarcho-communists, the regime is begrudgingly cracking down on them after years of light handed responses.

From left to right: Robin Hill, Geoffrey Parsons, Unknown Person, Cyprus Hartford, and Anna Gypsy Lee

As Weaver followed the anarchists over to the other parking lot to film them removing his flyers, an unidentified member of the group wearing a camouflage hat and Crocs (a shoe chosen by the designer of the movie Idiocracy because of how “horrible” they looked) began repeatedly screaming “this man is harassing me!” Undeterred by the anti-White extremist’s stunt, Weaver continued on to document the others, asking them if they were communists, why then would not just move to a communist country. Dumbfounded by the question, they changed the subject, asking Weaver what social media he was on.


WMKI researchers, along with help from Justice Report journalists, identified four of the six individuals as Geoffery Parsons, Lee Ana-Gypsy, Robin Hill, and Cyprus Hartford. Both Parsons and Ana-Gypsy were previously arrested in connection with the “Stop Cop City” campaign to derail the construction of the police training facility in Atlanta. Ana-Gypsy was arrested in May of last year for criminal trespass along with seven others, several of whom threw Molotov cocktails at police from a tree they were occupying. In January, Parsons was arrested and charged, along with six others, by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) with domestic terrorism and criminal trespass.

Cyprus Hartford
Member of Organize Against Transphobia (OAT)
Robin Hill
Member of Organize Against Transphobia (OAT)
Geoffrey Parsons
Lee Ana-Gypsy
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Screenshots of Organize Against Transphobia’s Instagram account displaying Anti-White “antifa” terrorist symbol,
along with posts about members Robin Hill and Cyprus Hartford.

The other two, Hill and Hartford, are both members of the South Carolina based “antifa” deviancy group Organize Against Transphobia (OAT). While the organization’s primary purpose is the normalization of mental illness and sexual perversion, the underlying political ideology is anarcho-communist. As with most anti-White “antifa” extremist groups, the organization lists a “points of unity” that they claim to adhere by. While their first point claims that “In addition to primarily opposing transphobia and queerphobia, we are against racism, fascism, ableism, misogyny, xenophobia, antisemitism, and bigotry in any form“, the organization seems to have no issue with anti-White racial hatred or scapegoating of Whites. The organization also encourages its supporters to donate to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, an anti-White extremist organization ran out of an anarchist co-op in Atlanta called The Teardown that has bailed out violent rioters like Richard Tyler Hunsinger who was convicted of fire bombing a federal building and planting a nail bomb in it during the 2020 anti-White race riots. 


As the gang of six headed back across the street to the parking lot where the confrontation first began, the unidentified individual wearing crocs grabbed at Weaver’s camera and appeared to assault him. Weaver warned the individual not to touch him again. They then headed back to a gray truck parked next to a dumpster. The truck had various stickers on the back, including several from OAT with the words “arm trans women” and “disarm cops”. Other stickers included the anarchist “circle-a” and one that awkwardly suggested people “read banned books”. WMKI agrees with this suggestion and recommends that OAT members, who laughed incredulously at Weaver for claiming that the allies “gas chamber” narrative was purely atrocity propaganda, go ahead and take their own advice and read some of the most banned books in the world.


As Hartfort sat down on the bumper blocking the view of the license plate, they continued to argue with Weaver for a while longer before the engagement ended. Unfazed, Weaver said he had thousands more and would just come just back the following day. The entire exchange demonstrates what WMKI has already claimed, that those involved with the militant “Stop Cop City” campaign are part of a larger anti-White extremist movement, and that the attempt to derail the completion of the training center has nothing to do with the environment, and everything to do with generating the maximum amount of lawlessness possible in the pursuit of harming White Americans.