The William McKinley Institute has once again obtained the leaked contents of an antifascist Discord chat, made possible by the work of online activists. This time, the chat logs belong to an international ring of anti-White extremists, commonly referred to as “antifa,” who organize under the name “Bash the Fash” (BTF).


BTF is a militant anarcho-communist cell dedicated to far-left, anti-White social and political policies, which range from the complete abolition of prisons, unfettered mass migration, and other so-called “anti-authoritarian” principles.


The leaks expose BTF to be a militant extremist cell whose members appear to belong to a myriad of other antifa-aligned organizations, including the Socialist Rifle Association, the American Iron Front, the now-defunct Redneck Revolt, the terror-linked John Brown Gun Club, the transgender extremist cell, Organize Against Transphobia, and many more. Present in the Discord chat are also several higher profile antifascists, including Ohio-based Aaron Reed of “drag queen story hour,” and Melissa “Claudio” Lewis, of Portland, Oregon. 


While the contents of the leaked chats are still being analyzed, a cursory look into the activities of BTF’s members reveals a concerning number of violent threats aimed at working-class White Americans, particularly Republicans, Christians, and those they perceive to be “fascist.” BTF has also organized an intricate and malicious doxxing ring, which currently employs children living in the United States and Europe in a totally unmoderated space.


In addition to coordinating mass reporting of pro-White voices on social media and coordinating street activism, BTF members have been found to share files that allow their users to 3d print and manufacture homemade firearms.


In the interest of transparency, the WMKI is making the contents of the leaked Discord available for public consumption. The files can be accessed by clicking on the Bash the Fash buttons at the top of the article. Leak 1 was produced earlier and retained a much larger volume of data, while the Leak 2 is more recent but did not maintain the amount of data provided to us in the first. We encourage journalists, counter-extremist researchers, and others wishing to learn more about the “antifa” movement to examine the data for themselves.