Yesterday, Patriot Youth, in collaboration with Tennessee Active Club, leaked the Discord server of yet another anti-White extremist group to their telegram channel. The leak, is the fourth group infiltrated by White advocates and leaked to the public this year. The discord belonged to Middle Tennessee State University Young Democratic Socialists of America (MTSU YDSA), a college youth branch of the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA). The DSA has a long history of its members partaking in anti-White “antifa” branded terrorist cells, and WMKI is often able to identify members of such cells by tracking DSA and YDSA chapters.


In a statement made to their Telegram followers, Patriot Youth claimed that…


For the past couple couple weeks, Patriot Youth supporters have been monitoring the communications of a university DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) club in the MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University). It was pretty obvious most of their leadership were hardcore Marxists and were holding “book clubs” for organizing and distributing Marxist ideology & literature to other MTSU students.


The leaks reveal the MTSU YDSA is involved with the #StopCopCity movement to stop the construction of a police training facility in south Atlanta. Meeting notes show the groups concern about the Georgia state RICO case. One meeting note bullet point from October 4th  states “Contractors and subcontractors: harassment campaigns. YDSA could be beneficial here for research teams and coordinated efforts. ” To date, anti-White terrorist have caused millions of dollars in damage to the equipment and personal property of construction companies and workers hired to build the site. This meeting note reveals exactly why MTSU YDSA members were concerned about RICO charges. 


MTSU YDSA was then confronted by members of Tennessee Active Club during a meeting. WMKI obtained exclusive video of the confrontation.

WMKI obtained a copy of the server from Patriot Youth’s Telegram, and has republished the leaked chat in our Discord Leaks page for other researchers of anti-White extremism to access. The document may also be accessed by clicking on the button above.