This post was originally published on December 18, 2019 at the WMKI blog.

The William McKinley Institute for the Study of Anarcho-Terrorist Research is proud to publish our inaugural anarcho-terrorist report! This 27-page report is the first of many to come that will details in-depth aspects of highly active anarcho-terrorist (Antifa) gangs. We believe that the findings produced here and in future reports will be of use to a wide array of parties to the benefit of all. To date, little documentation has been produced with critical details of the actions, connections, history, and ideology of the numerous anarcho-terrorist gangs.    

This report has been crafted with the purpose of shining light on the actions, connections, and ideology of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM), of which very little is still known. It was drafted utilizing open source information available on the internet and is meant to act as a foundation for further in-depth research into the aspiring terrorist gang. This document is not a DOX of the gang’s members, and does not list the addresses or other personal information of individuals involved with the gang such as phone numbers, places of work, etc… For the most part, the gang’s members have remained highly anonymous.

The information herein will be helpful to anarchist extremist researchers, state and federal agencies tasked with monitoring and prosecuting such gangs, government officials and policy makers looking to craft legislation that would combat extremist violence, journalists covering the gang’s activities, and other interested parties. There is still much work to be done before those committing such destructive and malicious behavior are brought to justice, but we believe that this report will become a major blow to anarcho-terrorist groups that until now have operated in relative obscurity.