This post was originally published on March 4, 2020 at the WMKI blog.


In this new report, The William McKinley Institute details the networking and criminal activity of a nation-wide anarcho-terrorist syndicate, the TORCH Antifa Network! Chapters of this terrorist organization are responsible for violence and mayhem across the United States. Many of these attacks have made national, and even international news. While the syndicate’s chapters have received varying levels of coverage, the syndicate itself as the link between these criminal gangs has remained obscure and virtually unreported.


This massive 36-page study cites over 230 sources and unveils an open conspiracy to overthrow the United States Government by a nation-wide network of anarchist extremists. We hope that this report will spark a greater public conversation about the terrorist syndicate, along with further interest in research to unveil the innerworkings of its emergent leadership. Why law enforcement has not yet acted to take down this criminal enterprise and protect American citizens can only be speculated, but we hope that this document may grab the attention of state and federal authorities and compel them to take action.