This article was originally published April 5, 2020 on The William McKinley Institute Blog.


The following is a profile of Amber Kylarose Purkapile, an anarchist extremist associate of the Rose City Antifa chapter of the TORCH Antifa Network and member of the Bum Solidarity Coalition. A list of sources will be provided at the end of this article of Purkapile’s participation in political actions and criminal records. Profiles such as this will be published for the public’s safety, as they have the right to be aware of such dangerous individuals. This profile will be updated as new sources of information are discovered. 


Purkapile was recently outed (here & here) as an anarchist extremist by Portland area reporter Andy Ngo. Purkapile’s lifestyle is revealing of the types of people who participate in such movements, and is a tragic tale of what happens to the most vulnerable under the policies enacted by our cultural Marxist ruling class. Prukapile claimed to be a foster child and appears to have chronic depression and suicidal thoughts (herehere, & here). She also appears to be impoverished with a history of homelessness.


She was recently arrested in November of 2019 in a parking garage in Portland, Oregon. Police officers received word that stolen bicycles were being disassembled in the garage, and when they went to see what was going on, discovered Purkapile behind a vehicle. When confronted, she pulled a fake gun out of her purse and put it back, leading to a standoff between with law enforcement. According to KOIN, the incident was the third time in a month Purkapile was in position of a fake weapon while interacting with law enforcement. Police reported Purkapile appeared psychologically unstable, but were eventually able arrest her, and charged her with unlawful use of a weapon and second-degree trespassing. According to one criminal tracking website, Purkapile has a long wrap sheet that includes reckless burning, criminal mischief, menacing and harassment.



Purkapile promotes open borders anarchism and, as is common amongst anarchist extremist, is a practicing Satanist. Social media statements make it appear she may suffer from opioid addiction. She is also single mother who unsurprisingly lost custody of her child.


Purkapile’s hatred of law enforcement is a prevalent theme among her Facebook posts. In one post Purkapile stated “Told ‘em ‘Fuck 12, fuck SWAT.’”. Fuck 12 is a reference to the drug task force popularized along with other anarchist extremist rhetoric such as ACAB, an acronym for All Cops Are Bastards.



Purkile has a very unstable employment record, bouncing from different fast food restaurants such as ChipotlePieology, and as recently as January, Wendey’s. In the past she’s worked as a stripper at Portland’s Vegas-style strip club Dusk Til Dawn.


Among the pages she follows on Facebook is Rose City Antifa, the anarcho-terrorist chapter of the TORCH Antifa Network. She is also part of the Bum Solidarity Coalition, a group of homeless anarchists who were loitering in downtown Portland. In August of 2019 she picked herself out at a demonstration where she wore a red bandana over her face and wielded a white baseball bat. At the event she marched with black bloc thugs, marching while waiving the bat above her head in a threatening manner. At one point she even sat across the street from riot police and shouted at them in an attempt to provoke them.


At the event, anarcho-terrorists initiated and engaged in numerous acts of violence. One man was beaten after him and a woman were surrounded by anarchists. When an anarcho-terrorist shoved the woman, the man attempted to come to her aid only to be knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked and stomped. Anarcho-terrorists also broke into rat traps in a parking lot to retrieve concrete weights contained inside and proceeded to throw them at the busses of nationalists leaving the rally. Most significant was an attempted stabbing that was accidentally stopped by a libertarian journalist/activist who hadn’t realized that he had stepped in-between the assailant and his targeted victim, causing the anarcho-terrorist to change his mind and put the shank back into his pocket. The entire affair was caught on camera



Another participant of the rally, long-time Rose City Antifa member Jamal Oscar William – who was seen threatening numerous people at the rally (herehere, & here) – would go on to be arrested for a hate crime. On a Periscope video published by Unicorn Riot, Purkapile can be seen standing feet away from Williams. 

She appears to have a history of visiting psych wards (here and here). Several photos reveal severe cuts along one of her arms. Purkapile’s recent armed standoff between herself and law enforcement is reminiscent of Atlanta Antifascist member Scott “Scout” Schultz, who committed suicide by cop. It must be asked if both of these cases by Schultz and Purkapile were the result of suicidal attempts to force police into a threatening situation for the purpose of “martyrdom.” By forcing police to use lethal force to protect themselves, such anti-authoritarian extremists are able of enacting their own ideological fantasies of police brutality and provide their comrades with “moral” cover for violent attacks against authorities, as was the case after Schultz’s death.  



This theory is not as far-fetched as it may seem. Professor Wilfred Reilly of Kentucky state university has documented numerous examples of hate crime hoaxes in his book Hate Crime Hoaxes: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War. Many of these hoaxes, according to the hoaxers, were done for the purpose of promoting anti-racism and other anarchist derived ideologies. During some of these hoaxes, the hoaxers went to great lengths to make it appear as if they had been physically attacked, severely mutilating themselves in the process. There is no reason why suicide by cop wouldn’t seem like a “good idea” in the mind of a anarchist extremist with a long history of severe depression and mental illness.


Under legitimate leadership, individuals such as Purkapile would receive long-term impatient care for her obviously severe mental illness. It is due to false narratives surrounding psychological disorders crafted by postmodernist philosophers such as Foucault that our nation’s psychological asylums were dismantled in favor of outpatient programs that force unstable people out onto the streets to fend for themselves. The majority of these people, such as Purkapile, are an extreme danger to themselves and others. 


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Criminal History

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