This article was originally published by The William McKinley Institute blog on April 19, 2020.


Amanda Layla Woelfle is from the Portland, Oregon area who claims to be “an anarchist skinhead and an antifascist.” According to her, she has “been a skin more of my life than not, and it’s an integral part of my existence.” She also claims to be queer, and claims to have known that she was bisexual since the age of 12. Despite the abnormal sexual preferences and promotion of body positivity, Woelfle has low self-esteem and difficulty dating, claiming not to have “touched another human in a sexual capacity in almost 3 years.” 


Woelfle said that she had dropped out of high school and received a GED because she “wasn’t academically ready.” She attended Portland State University, enrolling the Indigenous Nations Studies program. While graduating in 2016, she claims to have accumulated a student loan debt of eighty-five thousand dollars


Woelfle places a lot of emphasis on her Amerindian heritage, despite her White heritage phenotypically predominating. She has even gone as far as condemning the White side of her family, calling them “Trump loving assholes.” Woelfle claims that it was her father who was Amerindian, but that he did not claim her on her birth certificate ( ). Because of this, she is frustrated that she cannot legally prove the relation to receive a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB). 


Woelfle appears to be suffering a severe identity crisis stemming from her biracial heritage. Numerous statements she blames White people for her problems, while placing extreme emphasis on her Amerindian heritage. Many studies have found that biracial individuals are overrepresented among those with mental health issues. Woelfle’s overcompensation is likely due to a subconscious discomfort with the realities of her heritage, and an attempt to gain status in anarcho-communist circles by attempting to embody her victim ideology. 



On Twitter, Woelfle follows the most notorious American anarcho-terrorist organizations, such as the TORCH Antifa Network and the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM), both organizations that we at the William McKinley Institute has extensively profiled. These violent organizations promote an anarcho-communist revolution to overthrow the United States government.


Other organizations she follows include the Socialist Rifle Association, an organization whose supporter (here & here), Connor Betts, went on a shooting rampage in Ohio killing ten people, included his own sister. She also follows and is connected to the local TORCH Antifa Network chapter Rose City Antifa, the anarcho-terror cell that claimed responsibility for the violent assault of journalist Andy Ngo last summer.



Last week, Woelfle gave tips to her followers on how to riot, claiming that “rioting is the language of the unheard.” She has also posted other, similarly violent messages, such as a graphic asking “which black bloc weapon are you?.” The graphic included a Molotov cocktail, a baseball bat, and a bomb.


Woelfle was friends with the now deceased anarcho-terrorist Sean D. Kealiher, and posted a photo of him expressing how much she missed him. Kealiher was not only a known bully who threatened people who held pro-American views, but according to a blog discovered by the Post Millennial, called for people to commit “terrorist acts against schools, law enforcement and the public.”



In response to a post by an outed comrade, Woelfle posted a picture of herself at what appears to be a demonstration that took place in downtown Portland, Oregon on August 4, 2018. However, we were unable to identify the origin of the photo she published or independently identify her in any other video or film from this event. What is certain though, is that the photo of Woelfe shows her dressed in black bloc attire, marching with other anarchist extremists. 



In 2019, Woelfle attended a May day party sponsored by TORCH Antifa Network chapter Rose City Antifa and Cider Riot, an anarcho-terrorist pub that doubled as a meeting space. When the gang was confronted by several members of the civic nationalist organization Patriot Prayer, a riot broke out as the anarcho-communist gang members began spitting, throwing drinks, bottles and pepper spray at the group. According to the Post Millennial, an investigative report from the OLCC accused “the pub’s owner of knowingly allowing his patrons and security guard, Joseph LeVasseaur, to participate in a riot with illegal weapons” and that the pub’s owner “Goldman-Armstrong did nothing to remove violent patrons, nor did he call or instruct his staff to call the police for help, despite claiming otherwise.” Furthermore, “the agency recommended the pub be charged with concealing or destroying evidence” after Goldman-Armstrong claiming that he no longer had security footage the investigator had asked for.


In 2019, in response to Andy Ngo filming an altercation between himself and a known anarcho-terrorist at his gym, Woelfle expressed the belief that people have a right to expect privacy on private property. The incident had begun however, because the man had approached Ngo as he was speaking with someone and began screaming at him. Ngo was then attacked, having liquid thrown on him having his phone stolen. Perhaps more bizarre is that as an anarchist she expressed their support for private property. This is not, however, the first time that this has occurred. In July of 2019, Patriot Front confronted attendees of an anarchist book fair in Denton, Texas, where one of the upset participants exclaiming that “this is private fucking property.”

Since being outed as an anarchist-extremist with close ties to anarcho-terrorist gangs, Woelfle has placed one social media account on private. Another one was already deleted at the beginning of our investigation. It is unknown if her participation with such violent extremists will continue, though being a lifelong skinhead as she has claimed, we doubt it. 


Political Actions

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Location: Cider House Riot; Portland, Oregon 


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