On June 4, a coalition of anti-White extremists and sexual perverts marched to “shut down” an event led by pastors Sean Feucht and Luke Humbrecht being held at Vinelife Church. The coalition was led by an organization of anti-White perverts called Safe Access For Everyone (SAFE) and included open collaboration with the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, and various “antifa” cells.




According to SAFE’s website, the organization was “Born out of Boulder DSA’s direct action working group”. The group proudly promotes anarchism and communism and lists Boulder County Democratic Socialists of America, Boulder Valley Mutual Aid, Feet Forward, Boulder County NAACP, Boulder Food Rescue, and Colorado Anarchist Federation as “comrades”.  They also “tagged” a number of other organizations in a thread on Twitter promoting their attempt to stop the event from occurring that included Boulder County DSA, Denver DSA, Colorado Springs DSA, Fort Collins SURJ, It’s Going Down, Unicorn Riot, Communist Party of Colorado, Colorado Young Communist LeagueGaygamerz, United Campus Workers Colorado, colorado peoples press, Collective for Another World, Boulder Progressives, Tear it Up, Little Read Books, Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists, Front Range Mutual Aid Network, Front Range Socialist Rifle Association, and Front Range Antifascists. In addition, those SAFE follows on social media include groups with manifestos that call for violence and romanticize terrorist organizations, such as the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement who we have extensively profiled.



When the conspirators arrived in an attempt to “shut down” the event, they followed SAFE’s instructions to meet at the Gunbarrel Hill Trailhead entrance located at the intersection of Boulderado Drive and Cambridge Street where they parked their vehicles. A couple of their comrades stayed behind to watch over them while the rest headed down the trail and towards the service.

As the mob moved out toward the event they confronted several brave men who had taken it upon themselves to document their activities. The individuals shouted profanities at them and demanded to know who they were. They then used their bodies and signs to block their ability to document the main group of conspirators. 


“Who sent you here? Why are you taking video? Who are you giving the video to? You better tell us right fucking now!”


After the confrontation they rejoined the group and walked the rest of the way along the dirt trail to Lookout Road where they crossed the street and moved along the fence line separating the church from the adjacent property to the West. They stopped directly behind the stage for the service which had been set up outside. Once there, they proceeded to shout profanities at attendees, which included young children. Several of the disrupters deployed sound devices in an attempt to make the church speakers inaudible to attendees. One individual blared a siren from a bullhorn while another played music from a boom box. 


Several of the participants were photographed with telephone numbers written on their arms, a common tactic when anticipating arrests for using illicit “direct action” tactics. A man wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the Iron Hammer and Sickle, the symbol of the Jewish Soviet regime that committed genocide against tens of millions of Europeans, had the name David Turner written on his forearm and a number written beneath it.


A search of the number written on the shoulder of another individual led to the website of Boulder attorney Darren O’Conner, a member of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), and NAACP Boulder County Criminal Justice Committee Chair. 


The NLG, a legal front for anti-White extremists easily identifiable with their neon green baseball hats, were also with the mob and worked hard to keep their identities anonymous. One publication has referred to NLG as “antifa with law degrees” and their history of openly supporting and defending anti-White extremists and terrorists in court has been well documented. 


Thankfully, we were unable to find any evidence of violence at this particular event. Not all targets of anti-White extremists are always so lucky. In 2016, a dozen White advocates attempted to hold a rally at the state capital in California were attacked by a mob of 300 anti-White terrorists. California Highway Patrol claimed in their official report that the attack was premeditated and used the same language SAFE had, calling on their supporters to “shut down” the rally. Why the line from protest to violence was not crossed in this particular event may have been due the presence of the young men documenting the mobs every move. This brave action likely gave pause to those among the “antifa” mob who planned to use physical force to stop the event and will help identify all those who participated in it.






Two anti-White “antifa” terrorist cells in Southern California were indicted by a grand jury this week for carrying out an alleged premeditated attack against a group of peaceful protesters. If successfully convicted, much of the groundwork will be laid for further legal action against such networks. This is why the documentation of anti-White extremism is so important. It is only with such evidence that they can be held accountable in the court of law.

If you have any information about the extremists who showed up to “shut down” this vent, please contact us at


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